UTTARAKHAND IS A trekkers’ paradise.Doesn’t matter whether you are the high energy, tough outdoors type or the simple walking variety.

There is a beautiful route waiting for all of you. Just put on your hiking boots, take a deep breath, and get set to go.Most trails in the hilly terrain are without litter and crowds.

The villagers you encounter en route are extremely hospitable without expecting bakshish for any help they may offer you. Even the wildlife here is more curious than frightened! But do note that for independent, serious trekkers, often finding guides is not simple, and for beginners, walking uphill may just prove a bit tougher than it is on the planes.

Also,  you may be surprised by the vagaries of the weather But the joys of the trek far outnumber  any of this.  Pack well, research in advance and brave some stretches of bad roads, and you can be rest assured that some of the most beautiful snow peaks, panoramic views and forested hillsides await you at the next curve.

While some of the treks can be done in groups with friends and family, others,  such as the ones in the high-altitude glacial regions,  are meant for seasoned trekkers and should not be attempted without guidance of local Sherpa and climbers.

The best time for trekking in Uttarakhand,  as with most other Himalayan states, is summer and winter.  The monsoon sees unpredictable weather, sometimes even landslides. So it is best to avoid planning a trek around those months.

Some of you may also frown upon the idea of trekking in the harsh winter, but those who have witnessed the beauty of the icy landscape in this season can tell how rewarding it is.