Khaliya Top

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Khaliya top, Munsyari
Elevation: 3500 Mt.
Approach: 6 km and 2.30 Hrs (approx) Trek from road head ( Balati Farm).
Distance: 650 Kms from Delhi and 260 kms from Kathgodam Railway station.
Khaliya top is a pleasant weekend trek that not many people have ventured or even heard off. The special views from Khaliya top of the Panchachuli and Nanda devi range is the heaven for trekkers. Which provide grand view and elevation of the Himalayas in very short time. Khaliya Bugyal is an alpine meadow located in Munsyari, Distict Pithoragarh Uttarakhand. Thus It is a day trek But further trek entails starting from 7000 feet and walking through typical Himalayan temperate forests to emerge onto high open alpine meadows above 12000 feet.
Khaliya is a paradise for Trekkers, A happy hunting ground for photo shooters and encyclopaedia for bird watchers. A 360° view all around and open valley either side provide opportunity for paragliding and aero sports. The nearby slopes provide hard snow for skiing in winter and shining flower bed in spring. In all Khaliya is a wonderful gift of nature in the lap of kumaoun himalayas. Not only for matured trekkers, khuliya is easy a access for beginners and teenagers too. A keen eye can find out hidden treasures of nature in the form of Monal, Ghurar, Kakar, yellow fronted marten and Baral (mountain goat).
The woods had a luxuriant mix of Pine, Deodar, Oaks, Spruce and Cypress, but the main vegetation we came across as we gained height were the Rhododendron trees or Buransh as it is called in the local language. In spring the whole jungle turns red with the rhododendron flowers. With the gain in altitude these trees change’s shape to bush and colour to white.
Following Khuliya trail leading to Rantham top at an altitude of over 4000 meters going via Hiramani Glacier and Namik Village. The prospect of a trekking trail ahead of Khaliya Top means a week long trek which takes out to another valley.
Once who got opportunity to visit this place can only experience the vastness and eco-diversity of this place.