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THE MAHASEER IS a shy,  slippery fish.  It means”big mouth and it is no small fry.  Say the magic words”Golden Mahaseer’  to an avid angler,  and watch his eyes light up.  This elusive fish that provides one of the toughest challenges in angling,  are found in plenty in the waters that flow through the Corbett National Park.  The river Ramganga,  flowing through the wild forests,  creates one of the most beautiful settings for angling.  Ramnagar makes a fishing base camp.  Besides the Ramganga,  the torrential river Kosi has an abundance of black and silver Mahaseer.  It also has a healthy population of the goonch,  a freshwater scavenger.  Lohachaur 15 km north along the River Kosi makes for a good angling spot.  Yamuna bridge near Kempty Falls in Mussoorie is also an angling attraction.  About 12 km from the falls,  the milky waters of the Kempty meet Yamuna.  SEASON:  The time for angling is in the warm-water season in October-November and April-June.


Beas Ghat:  One of the most popular spots for Mahaseer,  Beas Ghat is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. This stretch Ganga offers one of the best experiences of angling in the wild.  Pancheshwar:  Located on the Mahakali river, Pancheshwar is situated on the India-Nepal border.  Pancheshwar is a point where Kali and Saryu rivers converge.  This point was unknown for quite a long time.  It came into the limelight after being discovered by the Indian Army more than 40 years back.

GOOD TO KNOW: Some important items to bring on your angling outing would be packed lunch, sunblock and an extra set of clothes.  The more comfortable you are the longer you will stay.  Patience of course is an asset when it comes to this sport.  You need to obtain permission from the forest officials for angling, and the village staff can assist you in your angling tour.

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