Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

The crowning glory of Uttarakhand’s wildlife offerings.

NAMED AFTER WELL-KNOWN author and wildlife conservationist Jim Corbett,  who created the reserve,  the Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest such reserve in India.  Established in 1936,  it was first called Hailey National Park,  after the British officer Major Hailey,  who was a part of completed 75 The park offerings recently years and is counted its inception.  one of the best experiences for as wildlife enthusiasts Nestled between the Lesser Himalayas in the north and Shivaliks in the south,  the gurgling waters of the Ramganga river and its various tributaries feed the park.  With more than 70,000 footfalls every year,  from India and across the world,  it is also a successful example of ecotourism in the country.  Situated in Nainital district,  the around 521 sq km park is home to more than 1,200 species of flora and fauna.  The highly successful Project Tiger,  for the conservation for the Royal Bengal Tiger,  was first implemented here.

According to newspaper reports,  in the last census,  the park had 164 tigers.  It apparently has one of the highest density of tigers with 20 tigers per sq km.  Apart from the tiger,  a large population of elephants,  leopards,  deer,  sambhar,  crocodile,  reptiles and monkeys thrive in this park.

Some of the other species found here are the jungle cat,  sloth,  Himalayan black bear,  Indian grey mongoose,  ghoral(goat-antelopes),  pangolin and owls.  Guided treks can be taken around the Park,  and you should also visit the Kalagarh Dam for birdwatching.  staggering variety of trees, shrubs,  bamboos,  grasses and fe can be found here.  It is densely covered with trees like sal,  haldu pipal,  rohini and mango.

GETTING THERE:  The town of Ramnagar is the headquarters of Corbett and is connected to Delhi,  Lucknow and Varanasi,  via rail.  Ramnagar is also well connected by road with Lucknow,  Nainital Ranikhet,  Haridwar,  Dehradun and New Delhi.  Taxis are available from Ramnagar to go to the Park.

MAIN PARK OPENS FROM:  November 15 to June 15